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What Is It That's Causing Americans To Drive Over 16 Hours to Get Their Hands On This New Flashlight

Americans everywhere are loving this new military grade tactical flashlight. NGOA just released to the public for sale to everyone.

This brand new tactical flashlight was just released for public sale. The military, firefighters, hunters and police departments have known this type of flashlight for years to help them with their duties. Now anyone can own it and feel safer in the dark, in their homes, in any disaster or keep them safe from an attacker. It's an important safety tool everyone should own.

The G700 Tactical Flashlight from Lumitact is incredibly bright, we're talking the brightest flashlight out there that could even blind a bear! 700 lumens of light in the bulb, 5 different modes including a crazy strobe function, aircraft aluminum body that is light and durable and a lightbulb that will last you 10,000 hours or more. The LED flashlights are your hardware store or Home Depot cannot compete with the G700.

Over 25,000 of these flashlights were sold this month alone. People all over the US are talking about the G700 tactical flashlight:

"If you are looking for a flashlight that is bright, durable, lightweight and the best bang for your buck, you better get your hands on this G700 flashlight before they run out..." - National Gun Owners Association (NGOA)

Check out these testemonials:

Close ups on the G700 flashlight from customers:

These $200 lights are currently selling for 75% off their normal price! So make sure you hurry and grab yours now at the discounted price.

So if you want to make sure you're always prepared for the worst, this flashlight is a great start. It has our vote.